Holidays only for Singles

Everything about vacations for singles in Greece

No Partner, No Problem: Amazing Holidays for Singles in Greece

Whether looking for love, or just good wholesome fun, here’s how to meet kindred spirits when traveling solo in Greece


The birthplace of Aphrodite herself (not to mention that trouble-making Eros), and with gorgeous sunsets and countless miles of sandy beaches to walk arm-in-arm with a new love or old spouse, Greece seems made for trips for two.

But what if you don’t have anyone to link arms with non-platonically (like the record numbers of single adults in this day and age) and are one more bad Tinder date away from giving up the search entirely? Well, we can’t promise that you’ll find love in Greece – and in fact we don’t really think you should actively try (experience tells us that, like a cat on a porch, love only comes knocking when you’re thoroughly distracted by other things).

But we do think that you should check out this list below of amazing activities that just so happen to be frequented by many other people. And, you know, many of those people will be single. I mean not that anyone cares about that – we’re just saying.

So either by yourself, or with a group of friends, try out whatever suits your fancy, have a great time, and, who knows? You may just find a like-minded person to link arms at sunset with before the holiday is done. And even if you don’t, you’ll still have had a great time. Source

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